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Combo Ultra Shield®

Bag Details

Fox Packaging prides itself on continually seeking packaging innovations that have a real impact on the quality and presentation of our customers fresh produce items.

Our latest technology is the Fox Combo Ultra Shield® potato bag. Like the standard Fox Fresh-Mesh® Combo bag, our customers benefit from the combination of poly and mesh for maximum branding space, the ease of packing on standard poly bag filling equipment and ultra breathability. The added benefit, though, of this special potato bag is its two layer black and white poly film side that prevents nearly 100% of visible light and 90% of ultraviolet light, dramatically decreasing potato greening and ensuring a longer shelf-life.

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Weight Range

1lb. up to 20 lbs.


Mesh Colors

More than 10 colors of non-abrasive mesh


Printing Process

High quality process printing


Print Band

High graphic poly-front


  • Available with and without wickets
  • Draw tape closure available

The Original Light Blocking Combo Bag

The Ultra Shield’s® two-layer design blocks 100% of visible light and 90% of ultraviolet light, dramatically reducing potato greening.

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