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Fox Fresh Mesh®

Bag Details

The Fox Fresh Mesh® family of bags are an industry leading fruit and vegetable packaging solution that began with the original Fox Fresh Mesh® bag over 15 years ago.

This one dimensional mesh design eliminates the skin damaging indentions that many woven mesh products cause, ensuring the beauty of your products is only enhanced by the use of our bag designs.

In addition, Fox Fresh Mesh® bags extend shelf-life by letting the product breathe better because moisture and air can easily pass throughout the bag. It can even be misted or iced with no negative impact on the material.

Fox Packaging Products are Made in America

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Mesh Samples



Weight Range

1 lb. up to 15 lbs.


Mesh Colors

More than 10 colors of non-abrasive mesh


Printing Process

Solvent based surface flexo printing produces a high dynamic range of colors


Print Band

Up to 10-color, full bag-length print band, different widths



Metallic band material