Packaging Content Template

Streamline New Packaging Projects with a Content Template!

Have you ever found yourself trying to develop a new package without  really knowing all the details you needed to consider?

Packaging is actually one of the more complex marketing assets in your toolbox due to the legal requirements that must be considered in addition to the design details.

It’s never fun to have to work through multiple rounds of edits to get your packaging just right! That’s why we’ve developed this FREE packaging content template you can use to make your bag, box, or label projects super efficient. It’s also a great way to show your team what information they need to consider up front and helps your design team work with all the necessary information in mind.

It’s even in an Excel file format so you can type directly in the fields and customize as much as needed!

Let us help make your next packaging project a smooth process right from the start! Fill out the form to download and save out your copy of Fox’s Packaging Content Template.

Packaging Content Template