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Fresh Mesh Wicketed®

Bag Details

Fresh Mesh Wicketed® bags add the convenience and efficiency of running on standard poly bag filling equipment.

Slightly different than its Fox Fresh Mesh counterpart, this bag design incorporates a horizontal band that wraps around the middle of the bag and maintains ample space to brand your products with custom graphics and product messaging.

Fox Fresh-Mesh Wicketed® bags also extend shelf-life by letting the product breathe better because moisture and air can easily pass throughout the bag, and it can be misted or iced with no negative impact on the material.

Download Printable PDF

Lemons in Fresh Mesh Wicketed bag



Weight Range

½ lb. up to. 25 lbs.


Mesh Colors

More than 10 colors of non-abrasive mesh


Printing Process

High quality process printing


Print Band

Up to 8-color, high-graphic, horizontal print band


  • Metallic band material
  • One or two-sided printing
  • Wicketed
  • Draw tape closure available